Using proven methodologies, Tefen offers legal firms and legal departments a defined path to reduce costs (stay within budget), free up associate time, mitigate risk, all while enhancing an organization’s development and creating a culture of improvement.
In today’s competitive market, gaining a competitive edge means embracing operational excellence in all departments, actively engaging all staff for even and well matched work flow, creating conditions for reliability and repeatability in delivering work and improving customer satisfactory.
What do these lean improvement look like?
For both law firms and legal departments, it may mean saving time and avoiding emergency situations by being more efficient and evening out work flow, ensuring the right people are tasked and that processed are the most efficient possible. Perhaps a firm is spending unneeded time on document retrieval, on their AR processes, not fully loading staff members, is spending too much time on onerous processes causing mistakes and requiring rework. Tefen also excels in go to market strategic and innovation initiatives. In addition, in a corporate environment, improvements may mean additional risk mitigation initiatives.
Embracing lean methodology in the legal field has proven to save time and increase profits. Making this part of your legal culture is a win –win strategy for both your clients and employees and gives you the competitive edge.
*Note: CLE credits may be available for workshop participation.


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