Usługi medyczne

The daily challenges facing the healthcare industry can be overwhelming. Hospitals are facing critical operational challenges including: treating patients effectively and in a timely manner, improving the quality of care patients receive, and keeping a watchful eye over the facility’s bottom line. To remain successful, hospitals must maintain a balance between patient service and the cost of operations.

Operating in both inpatient and outpatient environments, Tefen improves operations by redesigning processes to eliminate waste, reducing variation in practice patterns, aligning staffing with demand, effectively measuring key performance indicators, and developing advanced scheduling schemes. The healthcare team implements innovative solutions utilizing Lean, Six Sigma, and simulation tools to help improve access, enhance quality of care, and optimize costs throughout the entire facility.

Tefen improves operations in clinical, ancillary, and support services. Results from our recent projects include: increased patient flow, optimized staffing, improved material utilization, increased capacity, transformed supply chain operations, reduced costs, increased revenue, and enhanced overall quality.


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