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Tefen has divided the supply chain field into five specialties

The main challenge facing supply chain organizations today is delivering the right product at the right time and in the correct quantity, while maintaining a minimal cost. Major changes in recent times have taught us that it is increasingly difficult to meet this challenge due to a variety of reasons.

Supply chain strategy defines the vision, principles and objectives relevant to operating a supply chain. This strategy must be an integral part of an organization's business strategy because it can be a key component in achieving a competitive advantage.

From conducting projects in the field of supply chain management, Tefen Management Consulting has extensive experience in a variety of different supply chain applications. During any project in this field, Tefen performs analysis, plans and implements supply chain strategies that are specially tailored to a specific company's requirements and unique needs.

Tefen has divided the supply chain field into five major specialties: strategy and risk management, planning, procurement, distribution and logistics and reverse logistics and green supply chain. With its effort and resources in each of these areas, Tefen assists organizations in building and maintaining a competitive, efficient and responsive supply chain.

Strategy and Risk Management

In many organizations the connections between corporate strategies, the business environment and operational processes are loose and sometimes nonexistent. Tefen has extensive experience in designing and implementing supply chain strategies that combine a company's competencies, the business environment, as well as risks and opportunities.


Tefen designs supply chains based on customer strategy and goals. Planning deals with defining the supply chain strategy, synchronizing work interfaces and establishing basic principles for inventory management based on the level of service provided by the company.


Procurement expenses are often the largest expenses for an organization. Therefore, procurement excellence is vital for improving and maintaining profitability.

We use a methodological approach and a bottom line orientation in our procurement related projects. Tefen starts projects with a focused assessment to identify procurement opportunities by mapping the business environment, potential suppliers, supplier segments, expense span, etc. After defining a roadmap for procurement and sourcing excellence that is aligned with your organization's business strategy, Tefen will support you all the way through complete implementation. 
Over the years, Tefen has managed to save customers a significant amount of money in their procurement processes.

Distribution and Logistics

Global trade, supplier location, oil prices and the level of service and availability required by the market are becoming more dynamic. Meanwhile, excellence in transportation and distribution has begun to critically impact an organization's profitability. Over the years Tefen has successfully led various projects in this area with multiple clients all over the world. The connection of deep operational understanding of a company's economic/business vision and its bottom line orientation (e.g. Cost to Serve and Route to Market) is a main factor for Tefen in transportation and distribution related projects.

Reverse Logistics and Green Supply Chain

In recent years the world of green supply chain and reverse logistics has become more meaningful in terms of operational, promotional and even regulatory aspects (packaging laws, carbon footprint measurement etc.). Tefen is a leader and pioneer in this field and has assisted many global companies implement new strategies in these areas. Tefen has a variety of methodologies that can help customers keep pace with business development, the green trend and its implications for supply chains.


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