Działania i organizacja

In today's world of economic and social uncertainty, companies in all sectors are exposed to major changes. To rise above and manage the changes, companies must look within and become lean, flexible and fast moving.

The difference between a successful company and a failing one is directly linked to the company's core capabilities. Only a strong, stable and lean operational platform can translate to strategic excellence and eventually profits.

Tefen's areas of expertise are:

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence requires a strong commitment and a culture of continuous improvement in order to solve current global problems of cost and efficiency. Over the years Tefen accompanied dozens of companies in the process of seeking continuous improvement and operational excellence with professional multidisciplinary teams and a shared commitment to improved business results.

Customer Service

Today's world, where each customer can be a media channel, contains many challenges and opportunities. The voice of the customer has made service a main issue in an organization that often requires the CEO’s attention. Dealing with these new customers requires reexamination of the organization's service strategy and requires an understanding that customer service is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Organization Design

Organizational design starts with generating an HR strategy that aligns with the business strategy of the organization. In organizational design we bring our customers the latest best practice in the industry in order to determine the optimal organizational structure, define roles and responsibilities for every position, design career paths and perform organizational job analysis.

Change Management

Change management is a key success factor in every organizational change; Tefen's consultants apply change management methodologies in every project we engage. Successful change management is about creating a vision for the project, focusing senior management on the project's success, steering involvement and commitment to change within every level of the organization, and using motivation and escalation techniques. Of course, the three most important elements of change management are communication, communication and…communication.  

People Capabilities

In recent years developing human capital has become a major growth engine for many organizations. Tefen assists in developing people capabilities into a competitive advantage for a firm.  Improving management and team leading skills, Excelling in decision making, fostering creativity and innovation and developing core competencies are just a fraction of the actions taken to maximize people capabilities in organizations.


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