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Companies face many challenges created by complex consumer behavior, retail consolidation and growing competition. Moreover, the recent advances in digital media have dramatically changed the communication channels between organizations and consumers. Therefore, the consumer has become more aware and more challenging to persuade.

These climate changes, as well as the changes in potential sales and service channels, are increasing the complexity of the sales and customer processes.

By leading many projects in client relationship management and sales & marketing channels, Tefen has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this practice.

We collaborate with our clients in many activities in this area, including customer management, customer life cycle and sales processes optimization.
Our clients are the largest companies in the Israeli market, in a variety of industries such as: Retail, FMCG, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Telecom.  We are proud of our long-term relationships with our customers, with whom we constantly strive to enhance their sales & marketing business results.

We bring to our customers:

  • Sales & marketing expertise including best practices, methods and tools
  • In depth knowledge of the Israeli market in a variety of industries
  • Global knowledge and benchmarks based on our activities in Europe and US
  • Result driven and experienced teams

Results Driven

Our goal is to enable our clients to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive markets by creating clear and lasting value.
We deliver results for our customers from increasing their customer satisfaction and loyalty, to growing revenue and enhancing sales effectiveness.
Customer examples:

  • Redefining Customer Segmentation and RTM in a FMCG company by leveraging its sales in highly profitable products by 30% in less than a year
  • Developing a Sales Contact Center in the finance industry, which raised the company's sales volume by 50% as a result of SFE project

Our areas of expertise include:

Sales & Channel Management

We support companies in designing, deploying, and managing their operational sales strategy. Optimizing companies' Route to Market (RTM), defining the right Customer Segmentation, examining Cost to Serve (CTS) and deploying the appropriate Service Levels are all important aspects of the operational sales strategy.  Our hands-on approach, combined with in depth analysis and our BM, make the difference in our projects and leverage our clients' sales results.


We assist you in defining your customers' perception and CRM needs, in a way that will allow your business to attract new customers, retain your existing customers and increase share of wallet from them. To ensure your strategy's success, we analyze the workflows and processes and redefine them to better support the defined strategy and your company's overall goal.

Customer Lifecycle

We help you move your customers through the customer life cycle, and therefore improve the performance of your business.  We help our clients formulate a comprehensive plan by examining the overall scope of the organization and bringing all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value added services to a unified decision supporting platform.

Organization & Capabilities

We help our clients understand the complexity of their organizations and design their organizational structures to maximize revenue and achieve full potential. Defining the sales structure involves defining all the guidelines, procedures, policies and tools companies use to sell. We thoroughly examine and define all parts of the sales structure including; sales tools, information system, sales compensation program, sales management support practices, assignments of markets and customers. We also make sure to confirm that the structure follows our client's strategy and goals.

Product Launch

As many companies go through the new product launch process with little prior planning, we support our clients in defining a structured New Product Introduction process, including supporting tools and KPIs, in order to achieve an efficient and successful New Product launch. Our methodology includes pragmatic framework for the entire life cycle of a new product, from idea and R&D to market testing and product launch into the marketplace.

Sales Force Efficiency (SFE)

We support our clients in realizing their untapped sales potential by defining and implementing the appropriate sales and service model for them. By optimizing customer interaction processes and channels we increase sales effectiveness, opportunity realization rates, and customer service level.


We work with our clients in different layers of pricing cases. From formulating a comprehensive pricing strategy, to product pricing analysis and identifying near-term opportunities, we assist companies in developing pricing capabilities.
Our Trade Promotion Effectiveness service enables our clients to enhance their promotion decision making. By shaping the right framework for promotion management, including tools, analysis and operational aspects, we assist our clients in creating a successful trade promotion and improving the collaboration between the different stakeholders of this operation.


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