Our goal is to create clear and lasting value for our clients by achieving significant business breakthroughs.

We help senior management executives define its business objectives by jointly charting a set of alternatives to determine the nature and direction of their business. Once an alternative is chosen, we execute it.

We combine multi-disciplinary capabilities and diverse industry expertise to create and implement customized management consulting solutions, ranging from corporate strategy to branding and operations.

We focus on creating a unique and valuable position that is both feasible and innovative.

Corporate Strategy

We maximize value for all shareholders and business divisions in your organization by identifying investment opportunities and evaluating the potential for synergies. We assist you in developing your strategy by identifying the areas of activity and target markets to focus on. We define growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through feasibility assessments and effective implementation planning.

Global Strategy

We support companies in developing their market penetration strategy to break into new global markets.
We assist your organization in selecting and prioritizing target markets, defining the product/services portfolio, and developing a marketing and distribution concept.

Marketing Strategy

We create a differentiating marketing concept based on your organization's assets. We formulate the brand concept and determine which market segment should be the focus so that your company's value will increase.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We support your company in M&A processes, from the initiation phase through the strategic decision making process and execution. We will assist you in developing the M&A company policy.

Tefen Task Force

Tefen Task Force (TTF), a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, temporarily takes direct management of part of a company on behalf of a client in order to reach critical business goals. TTF is highly recommended for Business Development, Product Launch, Cost Optimization, Post M&A integration, Turnaround & Restructuring and IT development.

Turnaround Management

In turnaround situations, management faces complex challenges. In any crisis, whether a simple stakeholder crisis or liquidation, sometimes a company merely struggles for survival. In a very short time and with limited resources, companies must analyze the root cause of their crisis and determine the best response to implement without jeopardizing the company's market position. We facilitate this process not only by analyzing finances and defining the strategic direction and plans for consolidation, but by actively supporting the organization in its execution of the restructuring plan.

Innovation Strategy

Corporations run the risk of becoming irrelevant if they are unable to continue innovating and competing with today's latest technologies, startups and other innovative companies. While most companies can agree that innovation is important, many still fail at implementing impactful and successful innovation strategies due their risk averse cultures, corporate processes and lack of frameworks to incubate fast pace innovations. Tefen can help companies with innovation consulting based on the Lean Startup methodologies. These practices can enable organizations to empower entrepreneurship, support innovative developments and leverage impactful innovation outcomes.


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